As an ongoing project, I am photographing the artists at The Invisible Dog. So far, it has been a curious mix of painters, sculptors, illustrators and jewelry makers. In my most recent shoot, I had the opportunity to shoot Juan Alfaro, an ‘astronaut’ who is probably better known as a talented carpenter, welder and craftsman of fine furniture. Fascinated with space exploration, Juan designed and created an astronaut’s suit out of padded moving blankets and adapted/patinated plumbing parts. This art piece was featured at Whitney Hunter’s group show Work/Space this past February (shown in the first image). Below is a behind-the-scenes recap of the shoot, including the final image at the bottom. Huge credit goes to Juan for allowing us to dangle him from his ceiling in a modified harness in 98F degree heat while we pumped in fog with the windows closed.



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    Ali says:

    I think this is my favorite out of all the Invisible Dog artists. Great job! I’m looking forward to the next profile 🙂

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