CONTEST & FINAL: Castle of Cards

OUR FIRST CONTEST, WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK! If this were an ad, what slogan might you see? Do you see a product being sold? A service? The message is intentionally a bit open-ended, so anything goes. Literally. You can respond in the comments section below. Winner will get his/her slogan put on the piece and an 11″ x 14″ framed print of their choice.




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    Donald Lee says:

    Mac, I see a service. Some sort of personal organizer that ‘holds various sundry (and delicate) pieces of your life together.’

    (pulled from Facebook)

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    Matthew Jassak says:

    Things fall apart quickly, make sure to use (Insert Insurance Company here) to keep your life intact.

    (pulled from Facebook)

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    Angelo Monaco says:

    I love Mac Gillespie’s. I think it’s a winner. I can only be smarmy and say: ‘We’ve seen this before, and we know what to do. -(World Monetary Fund).’

    (pulled from Facebook)

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    D.s says:

    “Just when you think you have a plan to hold women back…We prove we are smarter than you give us credit for!” or ” YESSS!!!! If this works for card it’ll definitley work for our economy.. ELMERS GLUE”

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    Michael Weinsten says:

    “It’s not the hand you’re dealt in life….it’s what you build with it. We’re the glue that keeps it together. And the boots that will take you where you want to go.”

    (pulled from Facebook)

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    Katie McDevitt says:

    Gaming Resort Consultation that Sticks!
    Behind the scenes Casino Consultation will change the meaning of House of Cards.
    It’s your casino, but we’re the glue.

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    Katie McDevitt says:

    Maybe also incorporate a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald that says, “A great social success is a pretty girl who plays her cards as carefully as if she were plain.”

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    Pete Burns says:

    Mac, I see a recruitment company! This girl really needs a job. So the slogan might be: ‘Looking for work? Adecco Staffing.’ Or: ‘Time on your hands? Career Group Inc.’

    (pulled from Facebook)

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    Jennifer Mozie says:

    Something about not having enough time or resources to finish………………. ( That is it 😉 (I won )(hee hee)

    (pulled from Facebook)

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    Tom Owen says:

    The product can be anything she’s wearing (apparel, fragrance), but could also be the cause she believes in. She’s holding the cards and playing them face up – she’s not hiding anything. Hope all is well.

    (pulled from Facebook)

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    William Bruno says:

    Other than my People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals suggestion from yesterday, I think this could be an advert of either a Vespa motor scooter or a convertible…maybe the Fiat 500 Cabrio…something where the wind blows through your hair, but the important stuff is protected…

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    Tamara Kraljic says:

    Fixing the fragile: it takes more than glue. Psychiatry Unit, NYC Hospital.

    (That also implies that some people don’t play with a full deck of cards)

    or… on the lighter side:

    Incomplete bridge set: 10,99 dollars.

    Persian rug with glue stain: 200,000 dollars.

    Hot 20-year younger girlfriend with too much time on her hands: priceless.

    Eastern European girls escort service.

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    Colleen Newell says:

    Let brave be more than a face. Call 311 to learn about the city’s mental health programs and let someone help you keep it together : )

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    Jason Nickerson says:

    Actually–scratch that, just put the Goldman Sachs logo on the glue, then “its time to bring down the house of cards, join us at occupy wall street”

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    AJ Ferriter says:

    Slogan: ‘Get kinky’ Logo: Coco de Mer Note: Coco de Mer ( is an erotic luxury boutique. One you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in because it’s so upscale and the shop (at least in London) is so tastefully done. Kinky can mean both idiosyncratic/quirky and unusual sexual practices. Both apply in this context.

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