Check out the new Resource Magazine, Spring 2012.
Here is the great write-up by Christina Fong:
“When it comes to reality, Malcolm Brown certainly has a way with it. His sense of imagination is clearly felt in his photographs, which have an unmistakable dream-like and whimsical quality. Even his portraits go beyond a traditional sitting and are playful riffs on his subjects’ lives.

Trained as an anthologist and spatial sociologist, Brown has experience in observing and analyzing how people, live, work and play in a given space. But his critical and rational approach left him wanting more creativity. In 2007, after traveling to India and finding his camera to be a magic apparatus that connected him to people and places, Brown decided to switch to photography.
“What is important to me is that the images present a mix of mystery, light-heartedness, and drama – a curious brew that reminds me to take life lightly and that things may or may not be as they seem,” he said, adding, “I embrace that reality.” – Christina Fong for Resource Magazine



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