With my son, Huck. Photo credit: Kate Brown

Lifestyle and advertising photographer based in Boston and New York City.

I was born in Farmington, CT three months shy of the 80s. I share a birthday (and common thread) with a few notable people: Caravaggio (master of chiaroscuro), Ed Sullivan (variety, good hair), Bam Margera (great balance) and Mira Sorvino (long legs). I am fluid in the art of creative solutions, which comes in handy on set. When I was five, my parents enticed me and my older brother to pick up our yard by offering ten cents a stick. My older brother gathered an impressive pile but the financial reward was mine; I had broken all of my sticks into multiple pieces. Brilliant. With my earnings, I bought a pogo ball and a polaroid camera.

Trained as a behavioral scientist and design researcher, I am keenly aware of how people live, work and play in space. With photography, I have taken the next step by creating environments that evoke emotions and tell poignant stories about people.

Malcolm Brown has shot for a number of top clients including Toyota, Timberland, Heineken, New Balance, William Rast, ESPN, Vogue Mexico, Ferrari Magazine, Fast Company Magazine, Warrior Lacrosse, FORBES Japan, Universal Music, INC Magazine, NYC & Company and Volunteers of America among others using his creative and unique vision to construct memorable images. He has a B.S. and M.S. in Environment and Behavior Studies from Cornell University.

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